John Waldrep-Biography

I worked in the Mission Education and Promotion Department out of the Los Angeles house for the last seven years. Before that I was in the Dar area (Kibaha, Pugu and Mtoni) for 11 years. I’m very grateful to the Society for allowing me the time to be near my mom until she passed away last year, and I’m just as grateful to the Africa Region for welcoming me back. In fact, during my entire time in the U.S., I still felt “connected” to the region.

I’m excited to be beginning a new ministry in Dar, most likely in the Kariakoo area where I’ve felt for some time that the Church should have more of a presence. There is a chapel there which was built in 1929, making it one of the oldest in the archdiocese. The Cardinal would like to see it turned into a center, which interests me, though I’m not sure exactly how that’s to come about. In addition, there is the possibility of working with two diocesan priests in the area of ministry to urban youth.