Loren Beaudry’s Rescue Center for Street Children in Mombasa

A Rescue Program for Street Children

by Loren Beaudry

Our Vision

Street Children that are empowered and self-reliant.

Our Mission Statement

The Grandsons of Abraham is a Catholic Church based rescue center in Mombasa working with the community in rescuing, rehabilitating, offer skill, training and remitting the children back to their families or relatives. We believe in the strength of working together with all the stakeholders.

Our Goal

The goal of The Grandsons of Abraham is to reduce the number of street children on the streets of Mombasa through daily street work. Our aim is to create an environment of growth through counseling, informal education and human needs. This is in view of preparing the grounds for rehabilitation either back home, in a children’s center or other institutions or by equipping them with a skill to become self-reliant.

Our Objectives

    1. Try to reunite the child with family / relatives.

    2. To do street work so as to:

» Reduce the number of children on the streets of Mombasa.

» Promote child’s rights.

» Discourage social evils.

  1. Increase community participation and contribution.

  2. Increase Networking.

  3. Increase child’s responsibility and image of life.

Our Programs

  1. We invite street boys in Mombasa to our rescue center located in Mikindani. We provide food, clothing, medical care, basic education, counseling and shelter for thirty to forty street children. We also have a garden where the boys are planting tomatoes, kale and cow-peas. The boys have also planted a. few banana trees. We find that this teaches the boys to be responsible and helps improves their self-image.

  2. We conduct street work with the aim of inviting the children to the center. This informs us on the estimate number of children living on the streets, what their problems are and why they are there.

  3. We do Net-Working with other street children programs, schools, religious groups and local authorities to help us in monitoring the progress of resettled children.

  4. We offer vocational training such as carpentry, mechanics, welding, gardening, tailoring and any other skill of the boy’s interest. We call this the “Informal Sector”. These boys do not live at the center but are given a rented house while they are learning.

  5. We are doing community involvement in Marikani. A high percent of children corning from Mombasa area are coming from there. We are working in Marikani with the aim of trying to get the community involved with street children from their area. We are working with the chief and local authorities to respond to the needs of their children.

  6. We have a program called Papasa. Many of the street children m Mombasa were in our program at one time or another. Some find it tough to live in a program where they have to follow rules and regulations. They want their freedom. In the last few weeks a program called Papasa has been started. We invited these street children once a week to play football, have lunch and then talk about their lives and what they think they can do to make their life more rewarding and dignified.

  7. We counsel the boys to a more fulfilling, goal-oriented lifestyle.