James Eble at Mabatini Parish

Transfiguration Parish

by Jim Eble

Father Jim Eble’s ministry is not confined to the membership of Transfiguration Parish; it takes in the entire community of Mabatini, just west of downtown Mwanza, Tanzania. As a missioner his ministry includes those who have not heard of the Good News and those in need. The focus on Christian formation and leadership seeks to form mature Christians ready to push the growth of the Church towards the edges of the community.

The small Christian communities are key entry points of ministerial service to the community. If they are healthy, Christian service to the wider community will be helpful. Ministerial opportunities here include leadership formation, training visitors for the sick, seminars for human development and prayer.

A key component for a new parish is Christian formation during the building of the parish physical infrastructure. How we build the church building, rectory and community center will form and deepen the faith commitment of the Christians. Ministerial attention must be given to how people grow as they struggle to build a parish complex they can feel proud of and share with others.

Finally, ministry in the newly named parish will have as its priority moving the uncommitted baptized toward discipleship and true commitment to Jesus Christ. The vision of ministry is Transformation in Christ, the goal to form disciples and apostles to spread the Gospel beyond the parish complex in word and action.