Francis TenHoopen’s Urban Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry in Mombasa

by Francis TenHoopen

My work is rather simple. I run an office of Youth ministries for the Archdiocese of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. We do leadership training; education for life (AIDS Awareness but better). There are retreats all over the diocese and bible education. There are a lot of things and events that happen. The archdiocese is large. We have 42 parishes and 85 secondary schools to take care of. I cannot do it myself, so I have teams of young people who do this for me. This is the key in this work. I enable young people to minister to each other. I am an enabler or animator. I joked once with the teams about doing so little. One of them said ,”Brother you spend a lot of time in praying to keep us going.” So maybe I am a pray-er, too.