Saint Charles Lwanga Seminary

Saint Charles Lwanga Seminary by Richard Albertine Maryknoll has always been involved in the development of a local clergy. It is especially acute here in Southern Africa where the sin of Apartheid reigned. There are fewer than five diocesan priests in Namibia and this is the first Major Seminary for diocesan priests in the country. How could Maryknoll not be involved! Also, as Chaplain for University Students we have the opportunity to prepare for a different kind of future, one truly liberated from the oppressive sins of the past of racism, etc. It is an honor to be here. Fr. Albertine celebrates Mass with the University of Namibia Catholic Students Association [catlist categorypage="yes"]

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Montessori Teachers’ Training College

Montessori Teachers' Training College by Robert Vujs All my life I heard about the need to support families. I realized that pre-primary school children were being neglected. So it was time to take action by starting a training program for teachers who would guide these precious little ones. The Montessori method was selected. A teachers' training college was constructed. Eight tutors were trained. From those beginnings, this program of 26 years has produced 1200 teachers who touch 16,000 children in Kenya alone. The program is self-supporting and self-propagating. It is on its own. In my books this is mission at its best. It is life giving. It is indigenous and self perpetuating. I only had to give the staff the...

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Cairo’s Coptic Catholic Seminary

Cairo's Coptic Catholic Seminary by Douglas May When I returned to Egypt in the beginning of 1999, I decided to live and work where my previous experience told me I could be most effective in supporting the local church and promoting some of my own goals for returning to the Middle East. The Coptic Catholic Seminary has been the sole location for the formation and education of Egypt's future Coptic Catholic priests for a century. Even though I could go into a village and work with a local pastor in one location, I would always be restricted by my language skills, my being "western" and my being under the local pastor. I could maybe effect some small change by my...

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