A Popular History of Maryknoll’s Development Work in Africa

Maryknoll and Development by Herbert Gappa This chapter gives just one example of the many efforts that have been made by Maryknollers to improve the material well being of the Tanzanians with whom we have worked. It is the story of the agricultural programs of the Diocese of Shinyanga from 1965 to 1974. There have been approximately Shs. 3,830,000/- put toward four successive Agricultural and Livestock programs in the Shinyanga Diocese in those ten years. There have also been endless hours of work by both Europeans and Tanzanian employees and cooperators. There have been the shared joys of astonishing yields and beautiful livestock as well as the shared pain of hail, drought, and the loss of animals. There have been...

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John Lange’s Water Projects

Maryknoll Water Projects in Kenya Maryknoll Water Projects in Kenya by John Lange We have been stymied on our dam building plans in the Sagana Maganjo Water project. Sorry about that for those who contributed to this project. We were allotted a valley in the Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve by the local government water authorities because people were complaining that our irrigation scheme was draining the Sagana River. Our irrigation project there serves 170 small farms and the Sagana River is fed from the snow on top of Mt. Kenya which is decreasing. For over a year we have been delayed permission by the Ministry of Forests. Our people think that a politician from the Sagana area is the one behind this blockage. I...

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Herbert Gappa’s Trees and Water

Buildings, Trees, Water "Faith without good works is dead." These words of St. Paul have often inspired Maryknollers to work for integral human development in Africa. Improving the quality of human life is indicative of our belief in the holiness of human life and in God's command to use our God-given talents to make this world a better place. Missioners are therefore concerned with improved housing, clean water, reforestation, ecology, and transportation. To see what some modern-day missionaries are doing, visit the links below.[catlist categorypage="yes"]

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