James Conard’s extended ministry at Kowak Parish

Education Out of the Ashes by Lynn F. Monahan;  From the pages of Maryknoll Magazine Aug 22, 2008 Educating young women, a Maryknoll Father helps build future in Tanzania.   As a young missionary new to Tanzania in the late 1950s, Maryknoll Father James Conard tried to establish a school in the African bush. Villagers burned it down, fearing the schoolhouse would attract outside government officials. The priest persisted and other villagers rebuilt the thatched classroom. The school and 12 other "bush schools" Maryknoll missioners founded in the area were seeds for the villages' own government primary schools as the country grew from a colony to a modern nation. Today, an hour and a half away by pickup truck over...

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James Conard and William Daley at Kowak Parish

Pastoral Activities at Kowak Parish by James Conard Father Bill Daley, Father Sabinus Moremi and now a new temporary deacon along with myself are assigned to Kowak Mission in the North Mara part of Musoma Diocese. This was one of the very first Maryknoll missions in Africa and still remains one of the most active. Kowak Parish includes about 30 villages. It is divided into five centers of five or six villages each. Masses, sacraments, Christian Life take place at these centers each Sunday. On week days Bill and Sabinus also have Masses at individual villages. They along with sixteen catechists, instruct and baptize about 400 catechumens each year. We have built four new chapels and will continue to add...

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Richard Baker’s Ministry to Sudanese Refugees (Archives)

Dying before Their Time Dying before Their Time by Frank Breen originally printed in Maryknoll Magazine (December 1997) Maryknoll missioner ministers to thousands of Sudanese refugees struggling to survive in Ethiopia Under the blazing afternoon sun in a refugee village in Ethiopia, not far from the Sudan border, tears stream down the faces of young choir members as Maryknoll Father Richard Baker prays over a freshly dug grave. The missioner is burying a young Sudanese refugee who died not from war-related wounds but a more mundane, albeit deadly, disease-meningitis. Baker's face reflects the melancholy missioners often experience in ministering to the poor, so many of whom die before their time. The Maryknoller from Yonkers, N.Y., has seen more than his...

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