Loren Beaudry-Biography

I was raised on a dairy farm in Albertville, Minnesota. In 1973, I graduated from Elk River high school. Prior to joining Maryknoll, I did various kinds of construction work, e.g., building and roofing houses and making cement tees for parking ramps. I was also an employee of Hoffman Engineering Company in Anoka, Minnesota, where I worked as a spot welder.

I am now a Maryknoll Brother. My years with Maryknoll have been both rewarding and challenging. I have had the privilege of learning another language and the experience of living and working in different parts of Africa. In 1995, I went to Mombasa, Kenya to start a program for street children, which is now called "The Grandsons of Abraham."

After working in the United States for several years in Maryknoll's Vocation Ministry, I moved to the parish of Nyangana in northern Namibia. There I have been again blessed with the opportunity of  working with the Youth of the parish in setting up an activities center and education programs.